The Smiley Smile Ignore Button (Sort Of)

I use the message board, and one of the things that annoys people about the site is the combination of inconsistent moderation and the lack of an “ignore” button. The latter is not, I believe, the fault of the moderators, who no longer have access to the back-end of the board.

To fix this, I have come up with a very simple, hacky, Greasemonkey script which replaces posts by the worst trolls with “This poster is ignored”. This is a little more complex for users than having an ignore button already on the forum, but it is, I think, better than nothing.

To install it, first you need to have Greasemonkey installed for Firefox, or Tampermonkey for Chromium. I’m not currently supporting any other browsers, as I don’t have them.

Once you have the relevant extension installed, download this zip file. Right-click on the link to the zip file, “save as”, save it to your desktop.
Then extract the file, also to your desktop, using WinZip or whatever, then file->open from Firefox.
When you file->open from Firefox, you should get popup saying something about Greasemonkey. Follow the instructions, and then it should Just Work.

Once you have done this, posters will start being ignored.

This quick-and-dirty v1 of the file does not have an easy way to alter who’s blocked. Currently, it only blocks posts from “the Legendary OSD” and “SMiLE Brian”, two posters who seem to be more than normally unwelcome.

I will be updating it, and iterating it, over the coming weeks to turn it into a proper ignore button, but until I get that completely done, the instructions below are for advanced users who want to edit it to block other users (for example me):

First, find the user number of the poster you wish to block (mine is 1702). You can find this by clicking on their profile — the URL for the profile will end in “profile;u=1702” or similar.

Once you have this, open the ignore.user.js file in a text editor like Notepad or Vim (NOT a word processor like Microsoft Word!). There will be a line there that says:

var baddies = new RegExp(“.*u=3061.*|.*u=7417.*”)

The 3061 and 7417 there are the two profile numbers that are currently blocked. To add a third, do the same for the new profile number, keeping it in the same set of quotes, and with a pipe sign (a | ) in front of it. So to block me as well, you’d change it to:

var baddies = new RegExp(“.*u=3061.*|.*u=7417.*|.*u=1702.*”)

I realise this is extraordinarily faffy, and I’m looking into ways to make it much simpler.

This version *will* be buggy, but do let me know anything I can do to improve it.