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Albums You Should Own: Watertown, Frank Sinatra

Note for people coming here from Watertownology — you should probably read this. If ever I’m asked why I think hipsters are wankers, Watertown is exhibit one. Watertown is an album whose good qualities are absolutely self-evident. Anyone with ears … Continue reading

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Albums You Should Own – The Four Seasons: Genuine Imitation Life Gazette

I’m not a fan of the Four Seasons, generally. This may come as a surprise to some of you, because of my love of the Beach Boys’ music, but while the two bands share some superficial similarities (mostly in that … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 01/11/08

When I said “I’ll try to get stuff written over the next couple of days” what I *should* have said is “My wife and I will spend the next week like the little weather people in the clock, each being … Continue reading

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