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Before Watchmen

Of course I didn’t buy it. What do you think I am? I torrented it, of course. And if DC want to complain about me taking their copyrighted work, the work that talented artists put time and effort into, and … Continue reading

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Watchmen 2 discussion over on Mindless Ones

I contributed to the Mindless Ones’ post on the Watchmen prequels, or at least my swearier alter ego Andre Whickey did. That post was put together from what started as informal discussions between us, hence the writing style for my … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 10/08/09

I’m going to link to a few things here, but the only one I really care about is this – Andrew Rilstone’s new pdf ‘zine, with which he’s broken his five-month blog silence. I’ve only read the first quarter, but … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 15/03/09

A few quick links here. Our home net access will be fixed tomorrow morning, so normal service will resume then… Eddie Campbell has his daughter Hayley Campbell’s review of the film of Watchmen, along with a few comments of his … Continue reading

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Why you should not watch the Watchmen

(Warning – some of this may actually be triggering for some of you). I decided long before the Watchmen film was even made, let alone released, that I wouldn’t be watching it. This was not out of some great moral … Continue reading

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