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No, a supercomputer hasn’t passed the Turing test for the first time

AAARGH A COMPUTER HASN’T PASSED THE SODDING TURING TEST, IT WASN’T THE FIRST TIME, AND IT WASN’T A SUPERCOMPUTER, AAAAAARGH!!!! AAAARGH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGH! *Ahem* No, seriously, those “supercomputer passes Turing Test” news stories that *EVERYONE* is running are nonsense. The bot … Continue reading

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Jeeves And The Singularity

I’ve been a little unwell this week, and haven’t been able to get anything new written. So for New Year, I’m giving you a story I wrote a little while ago (ETA I corrected a minor mistake – I’d confused … Continue reading

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