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Politics, As She Is Played

Yesterday, the New Statesman ran a story saying “Andrew Lansley To Announce Removal of Cap On NHS Private Income”. I knew, instantly, on reading the story, that it was completely false. It had to be, because Lansley doesn’t, under the … Continue reading

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A Very Quick One (Hyperpost later)

Just to explain my comments policy for the hard of thinking. I *do* value politeness and civility more than almost anything. But that’s an *almost*. If you support taking away fundamental human rights from people, and turn up here and … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 01/09/09

Just a very quick one here – I had an insomniac night last night, and a long work day, so I can barely see the screen. Here’s some links… For those of you who are reading my Hyperpost series, Pillock … Continue reading

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