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What Hawking Is Really Worried About

Over the last couple of hours I’ve seen a lot of people talking about a news article in which Prof. Stephen Hawking has said that he considers it possible that an artificial intelligence could destroy humanity. With a few exceptions, … Continue reading

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Jeeves And The Singularity

I’ve been a little unwell this week, and haven’t been able to get anything new written. So for New Year, I’m giving you a story I wrote a little while ago (ETA I corrected a minor mistake – I’d confused … Continue reading

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Geeks Dig Metaphors: Introduction

A metaphor is a glorious thing, A diamond ring, The first day of summer A metaphor is a breath of fresh air, A turn-on, An aphrodisiac Chicks dig, dig, d-i-g, dig, dig metaphors, Sparks Metaphors are scraps of resemblance that … Continue reading

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The Singularity

Well, of course we didn’t intend it from the start. We’re not monsters, are we? It’s just, you have all that data, and you’re going to start using it, aren’t you? After all, we’re a business, and we want to … Continue reading

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