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Linkblogging for 10/08/08

Quite a light day today – nothing that made me incredibly furious or anything… Jennie Rigg is taking nominations for ‘SB’s Prestigious Blog of the Year Awards’ (not in any way at all just to make fun of a certain … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 31/07/08

Comic reviews tonight. Italy seems to be worryingly close to fascism. When you have troops on the streets dealing with crime and an ‘immigrant problem’, that’s not a good thing… Lawyers, Guns and Money have an article which should be … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight – Conservative, but also liberal, pacifist, fascist, nihilist…

It is far, far too hot today. As a result my brain has shut down and my fingers are typing this on autopilot, so forgive the overly-verbose prose style and higher than usual levels of sarcasm. I don’t intend to … Continue reading

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