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California Dreaming: Windy

The Association were in trouble. Their second album had not done well on the charts, and the two singles from it, Pandora’s Golden Heebie-Jeebies and No Fair At All, had not repeated the success of Cherish or Along Comes Mary. … Continue reading

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California Dreaming: Along Comes Mary

[NB this should come before yesterday’s post. A note on sources — for most of these essays I have used multiple sources. For this essay, I have relied more than any other on a single source, Steve Stanley’s liner notes … Continue reading

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New Spotify Playlist – Pure Pop For Never People!

Sorry I’ve been a bit crap at updating recently. Between computer problems at home, pressure at work, and the general blandness of most of the comics recently, I’ve not really had any momentum for posting. Hopefully that’ll be back again … Continue reading

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