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NuNuWho Series 2 Episode 1: The One With The Things And Stuff

SPOILERS and stuff. Well that was certainly a Steven Moffat story, wasn’t it? Spacesuits, disembodied kid voices, the Doctor saying various things are cool, the Doctor saying something really annoying like “wobbly bobbly flippity floppity” or something, I don’t even … Continue reading

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Doctor Who And Batman Week Day 1: NuNuWho

So I’m a couple of weeks behind in my blogging now, thanks to some rather bad health problems due to stress, and I’m aware I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to write about. So I hereby declare the next … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – The Time Of Angels

That was good. That was actually good. For the first time since about half way through the Eccleston series, an episode of the Welsh series has felt to me like a proper Doctor Who episode. For the first time since … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Beast Below (Second Verse Same As The First…)

So to a large extent I could repeat last week’s post about the show as my review of this week’s. After two weeks, it now looks like MoffWho will be, more or less, a series of remakes of the Welsh … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Hour

A little under a week ago I sent in my entry for Big Finish’s short story competition – I’d written what I like to think is an excellent short story, where a brave, bright, but very little girl is scared … Continue reading

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