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On Ebook Pricing And Promotion

This post will really only be of interest to other people who self-publish or plan to. The rest of you can ignore it. It’s a little addendum to the post I made last week. There is nothing more likely to … Continue reading

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How To Get Your Books On Sale

I’ve been talking with a few people recently about self-publishing, and some of them are vaguely confused about what you need to do in order to get a book out if you’ve written it and want to publish yourself, so … Continue reading

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Nobody Is Stealing Your Book!

I’ve been unwell since finishing work yesterday, so I’ve not got anything prepared for the blog today (I still haven’t replied to most of the emails I’ve had since Tuesday for that matter). Since I’m going to be away at … Continue reading

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Pissing In The Pool (Or Why Readers Hate Indie Writers)

I recently took a minor part in a discussion on Amazon’s Kindle forums. This started because some of the people on there were looking for a way to filter out self-published authors (like me) and only see ‘proper’ authors. This … Continue reading

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One Week’s Notice – Withdrawing My Books From Smashwords

Just to give people a head’s up – a week from today I’ll be withdrawing my ebooks from smashwords.com , so anyone who has bought them but not yet downloaded a copy should make sure they have one. The reason … Continue reading

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