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Getting A US Tax Number As A UK Self-Publisher

Before I go any further with this post, I’d just like to say that I am not a financial advisor, an accountant, a lawyer, or anyone else qualified to be handing out any kind of advice. I wouldn’t even trust … Continue reading

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Why You Will Not Find My Books In Kindle Unlimited

(OK, so I lied about there being no post. I have to do something to take my mind off rubbishness.) Amazon have announced a new feature, Kindle Unlimited. This feature allows Kindle owners (so far only in the US) to … Continue reading

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Selling Themselves Down The River

I am getting more and more annoyed at self-publishers. Before anyone gets confused, I self-publish myself. While the next book of mine to come out is likely to be through a traditional publisher (depending on Obverse Books’ publication schedules), I’ve … Continue reading

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Thanks, “The Kernel”

Because a tech news site has decided to whip up a moral panic over porn, all self-published ebooks have been removed from the Kobo site, all ebooks whatsoever have been removed from W.H. Smith’s site… Many thousands of “innocent” people … Continue reading

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On the Rowling/Galbraith Thing, And Why Publishers Are Still Necessary

People seem to be reacting with astonishment to the fact that the book that J. K. Rowling published pseudonymously, through a major publisher, which got decent reviews in some newspapers, had only sold 449 copies in hardback in the last … Continue reading

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