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Linkblogging for 24/05/09

I have many posts that need writing over the next few days (review of LOEG: Century 1, a post about why Lib Dems should support unions, a review of Ecological Debt, my next BFAW), as well as putting together the … Continue reading

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I’ve half been putting off reviewing Seaguy: Slaves Of Mickey Eye 2 because I know that when the Mindless Ones get round to their annocommentations there will be very little left to say, and then I can look very clever … Continue reading

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You Damned Sadist! You’re Trying To Make Them Think!

Debi has a fascinating post today on ‘the FedEx arrow’ – on the way that once you’ve seen subtext in a work, you can’t unsee it, and the various reactions that can come from that. Now, I’m not really one … Continue reading

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But Incognito As Batman He Fights Crime At Night

One of the things that people have found most confusing about the ending (if ending it is) of Batman RIP is the question of who exactly was the villain behind The Black Glove. Was he, as he claimed, Thomas Wayne … Continue reading

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