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Geeks Dig Metaphors: Paradigm A Dozen

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all work… This series of posts has become rather longer than the very short thing I was originally going to … Continue reading

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Geeks Dig Metaphors: The Technical Problems With The Singularity

Back to introduction I have come to the conclusion that anyone who talks about how easy it’s going to be to simulate a human brain in a computer either understands computers but doesn’t understand biology, or doesn’t understand computers but … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 20/07/10

I may do a proper post later if I’m not too exhausted, on Marco Polo or Batman. But for now, links: Debi has a new blog, Thagomizer.net, and one of her first posts is a response to my post from … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 20/05/10

Apologies for not starting on the Batman etc posts just yet – I forgot about commitments that will stop me writing a long blog post til the weekend. Normal daily bloggery will restart then. In the meantime, links: Richard Cooper … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 28/04/10

Sorry for lack of actual content – proper posts tomorrow. For now, some links. First of all, I don’t plan to discuss Brown’s ‘gaffe’ today, where he was polite to a bigot to her face and then grumbled about her … Continue reading

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