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Rite Of Passage: A Short Story

I may put this one up on Kindle/Smashwords tomorrow, but I’m too tired to post it to those sites now. Incidentally, DailySF turned this down because they’d just purchased another story that was quite similar, so if you see something … Continue reading

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Free Will and Testament: A Short Story

Quick short story here. This one’s going in the short story collection but not being sold separately, as it’s too short… Free Will And Testament One of the great pastimes for those of us with a rigorous mathematical bent is … Continue reading

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So, what SF books should I be reading?

I’ve recently been wanting to read more new science fiction books – mostly since discovering Charles Stross’ writing last year – but I’m not sure what’s actually good. I’m more than familiar with the genre from roughly 1930-1980 – I … Continue reading

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Jeeves And The Singularity

I’ve been a little unwell this week, and haven’t been able to get anything new written. So for New Year, I’m giving you a story I wrote a little while ago (ETA I corrected a minor mistake – I’d confused … Continue reading

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ABC (Andrew’s Book Club) 1 : Of The City Of The Saved…

Laura Tobin is a Private Investigator in the City, where the human race lives. All of it, from the first Australopithecus to the posthumans of ten million AD and beyond. A hundred undecillion people, resurrected at the end of time … Continue reading

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