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Heinlein On The Puppies

Since he’s the writer they seem to cite most often (for example Correia’s “even Starship Troopers wouldn’t win if it came out today”), this quote from him about critics he dislikes seems apropos: He will permit any speculation at all … Continue reading

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Reading Heinlein: Blowups Happen

As part of my continued attempts to actually finish the series of blog posts I’ve started, here’s part three of my looks at Heinlein’s Future History work. For those who haven’t read them, here’s parts one and two. Blowups Happen … Continue reading

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Reading Heinlein: Life-Line, Let There Be Light, The Roads Must Roll

The Future History series, much like the Narnia series, presents a problem of reading order. Relatively early, Heinlein sketched out the outline of the history in which these stories take place, and then he jumped about between time periods, so … Continue reading

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Reading Heinlein: Part 1, Introduction

I’ve been thinking a lot about Heinlein recently. I’ve been wanting to write more science fiction, and to write properly in any genre, you need really to understand the current debates about the literature, so as well as reading SF … Continue reading

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So What’s Faction Paradox Actually About?

This is less of an essay, more a stream of consciousness braindump that I’m going to type until I fall asleep on the keyboard. I’m too tired today to write my Mindless Ones piece, and certainly too tired to work … Continue reading

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