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Escapology And Eschatology 1 (of 7) : The Omega Point (Return Of Bruce Wayne: What Really Happened)

This post is, in a way, about the last issue of Return Of Bruce Wayne. However, my fantastic filing system (which involves putting comics in random piles around the living room until my wife makes me tidy them up, when … Continue reading

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The Return Of Bruce Wayne… And Hypertime

Return Of Bruce Wayne 2 was a bit good, wasn’t it? Almost a fifth issue of Klarion in look, with Frazer Irving getting to draw lots more grumpy Puritans, albeit this time living above ground and human, rather than the … Continue reading

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The Hero’s Journey (BATMAN! for those who’ve given up on me doing comics blogging again…)

So, after that semi-enforced break, I’m here to talk about Batman. I’ve promised that I’ll review every Batman title Grant Morrison writes until the end of the Return Of Bruce Wayne storyline, but in truth RoBW #1 gives rather little … Continue reading

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