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“Aligning With Firebombers”

I’ve lost at least one presumed friendship already today. I say “presumed” because the person in question apparently has such a low opinion of me that he thinks I support firebombing one’s political opponents, and cares so little about that … Continue reading

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How Not To Deal With Activists, Courtesy the Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign

I believe that in the forthcoming referendum, Britain is likely to leave the EU. I believed it as soon as the referendum was announced, but became convinced when the board of directors was announced, with its director of strategy being … Continue reading

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No, The Pope Didn’t Compare Trans People To Nuclear Weapons

(I posted this on Facebook as just a normal rant, but a few people wanted to share it, and couldn’t because I lock my FB to friends only. I’ve copy-pasted it here for those people, but be warned that it’s … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Be Blogging The Hugo Shortlist This Year

This year, an actual majority of the entries in the Hugo Awards have made their Hugo Packet submissions PDF-only. See Charles Stross’ blog post about this from two years ago for why this is a bad thing. Last year, for … Continue reading

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Pissing In The Pool (Or Why Readers Hate Indie Writers)

I recently took a minor part in a discussion on Amazon’s Kindle forums. This started because some of the people on there were looking for a way to filter out self-published authors (like me) and only see ‘proper’ authors. This … Continue reading

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