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The Luthor Line – An Explanation

I’m putting the Beatles post off til Friday, to address a point that came up more than any other in the (shockingly positive) comments to my last post. I said: a highlight of the first half of this first year … Continue reading

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Pop-Drama – Superman

I really am returning to proper bloggery now. The last month or six weeks have been some of the hardest in recent years for me – not because of anything especially bad happening for the most part, but I’ve just … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 26/11/09

Apologies for the lack of new contend. I do have a few posts planned for the next few days: HELP! tomorrow, James Bond on Saturday, a review of Bryan Talbot’s new graphic novel Grandville on Sunday, but I’ve been quite … Continue reading

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Response to the Doctor Who Responses (Pop-Drama 2.5)

I’ve been away a few days, and the responses to the Doctor Who post have brought up some very interesting points, so I thought I’d go through those I’ve not yet responded to as a separate post (there are some … Continue reading

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Pop-Drama: I Cross The Void Beyond The Mind or A Man Is The Sum Of His Memories, A Time Lord Even More So

Going from the easiest character to get a handle on, we come to the hardest one. Millennium Elephant’s Daddy Richard has actually sent me his own idea of how to revamp the Doctor, which I’ve carefully not looked at prior … Continue reading

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Pop-Drama 1 : The Jungle VIP

I’m starting my look at how to ‘rejuvenate’ various pop-culture/genre characters with Tarzan, because his is the most obvious, and I’d be very astonished if someone hadn’t done this already. The thing about Tarzan is, if you just look at … Continue reading

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The Pop-Drama Manifesto – A Call To Arms

This blog started out as primarily a comics blog, but over the last few months there’ve been fewer and fewer posts about comics. There’s a reason for that. I’ve been reading as many comics as ever for the last few … Continue reading

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