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So after a lot of talking about “progressive alliances”, we see at least what Paddy Ashdown’s idea of one is, and… it’s pretty dispiriting. Now, before I get into what I dislike, I want to stress that I am a … Continue reading

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A Brief Explanation of What’s Been Happening in UK Politics For Those Who Don’t Understand

This is primarily aimed at my North American friends, many of whom want to know why every single person in the UK has been screaming about political stuff for several weeks. The first thing you need to understand is that … Continue reading

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Please, Vote Remain

You may have noticed that I’ve not posted much here for the last few weeks. Partly, that’s because of day-job stuff. Partly, it’s because I’ve had some freelancing work, which I can’t talk about publicly on here, but which may … Continue reading

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Why the Liberal Democrats should Adopt Basic Income

A few weeks ago I wrote about why we desperately need a basic income system (or a negative income tax — the two are basically identical in their important effects) rather than the horrible benefits system we have today, which … Continue reading

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Basic Income Basics

I’ve long been an advocate of the idea of basic income (or universal income, negative income tax, citizen’s income, “great British cashback” or half a dozen other names for the same principle), but I’ve just realised I’ve never explained on … Continue reading

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How Not To Deal With Activists, Courtesy the Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign

I believe that in the forthcoming referendum, Britain is likely to leave the EU. I believed it as soon as the referendum was announced, but became convinced when the board of directors was announced, with its director of strategy being … Continue reading

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Note to Journalists: London is not Britain

There is a mutual incomprehension between London and those parts of Britain that are not London (by “London” here I include most of the Home Counties and the satellite towns around London). There are many aspects to this incomprehension, but … Continue reading

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