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In Defence of Wonderful Christmastime

(Before we start, a note: I just googled to check a fact about this, and on the first page of the Google results for “Wonderful Christmastime” is a piece on Salon with the same title as this, published two hours … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney, Liverpool Echo Arena, 29/05/15

Liverpool is an odd city, in many ways. It’s a post-industrial Northern city where people live and go about their lives, with Disneyland — or rather, Beatleland — plonked right down in the middle of it. A huge chunk of … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney, MEN Arena 19/12/11

I sometimes think Paul McCartney can’t win. One of the big complaints I’d read from reviewers after the previous shows on this tour was “He’s doing too many hits. Why doesn’t he do some more obscure stuff? It’s just the … Continue reading

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Spotify playlist: John Lennon

You’d have thought that after spending much of the last month finishing writing a book on the Beatles which required listening and relistening to every track they ever recorded multiple times, that I’d have had enough John Lennon for a … Continue reading

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The Beatles Mono Reviews 11: The Beatles (The White Album)

An edited version of this essay is now included in my book The Beatles In Mono. Hardback paperback I’ve gone a week without posting because this is going to be a huge one, and I wanted to make a big … Continue reading

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