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So Farewell, Then, Labour…

For those three people who don’t yet know, the Labour party refused to make any concessions to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. As a result, the Lib Dems were left with the choices of either a Conservative minority … Continue reading

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A Quick Explanation For Americans And Other Confused Persons

Batman posts have to hold off a few days I’m afraid… The one-line summary for Americans is that we’re reliving Bush vs Gore, and Ralph Nader has been asked to choose. In the election this week, no party got an … Continue reading

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Tactical Voting – An (Unsuccessful) Attempt At A Non-Partisan Guide

I’ve not been in any state to blog recently (as those of you who saw the rather embarrassing linkblog the other day will know) because a roller-coaster is nothing to an election campaign. The human body simply isn’t built to … Continue reading

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On Coalitions

A lot of Labour supporters – and Green supporters – have been up in arms for the last day or so, practically frothing at the mouth and screaming because Nick Clegg has said that if Labour gets the smallest share … Continue reading

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The Liberal Moment

David Cameron argues in today’s Observer that as far as ‘progressive’ (shudder) policies go, there is little distance between the Lib Dems and the Tories, and we should be working together. His case is very superficially convincing – until you … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 01/12/08

No proper posts today, I’m afraid – I’m off work with a hacking cough, sore throat and, for some reason, aching legs, and for some reason am finding literally everything hysterically funny. I’m terribly afraid that if I try to … Continue reading

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On LibDemmery

For those of you who are waiting for them, you can expect an influx of posts tonight/tomorrow. My local comic shop didn’t have any copies of Final Crisis: Superman Beyond , so I am venturing into the murky depths of … Continue reading

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