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Linkblogging for 17/08/09

Migraine today, so I’m putting off the rest of my guide to my blogroll til tomorrow. Gavin Robinson has a good post on women’s role in warfare through the ages. Caron quite rightly asks what we’re doing sending people to … Continue reading

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This Week’s Spotify Playlist… And Thank You For The #welovethenhs Response

That last post of mine threw me off my posting stride a bit, because of the sheer weight of response, by email, on Twitter, in the comments here and in the comments to Debi’s repost of it (where our one … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To My American Friends About The NHS

I did want today to write something about comics, and I’ve also got a playlist I want to post, but I felt compelled to write this after various news reports over the last couple of days. Unlike most of my … Continue reading

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