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A Big Finish A Week 16 – The Holy Terror

Apologies for the lack of updates (I’ve been saying that a lot lately). I *am* working on the Batman posts, but they’re taking longer to write than I thought, and I keep having to do Real Life things. In the … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 21/11/08

Just a quick update tonight as I just got back from John Leech’s fundraising dinner and I’m exhausted after all the hobnobbing with Barons and MPs and councillors and the like (some of whom even had a clue who I … Continue reading

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Inform 7, Authorship and the Second Person

The pervasiveness of optimism among programmers deserves more than a flip analysis. Dorothy Sayers, in her excellent book, The Mind of the Maker, divides creative activity into three stages: the idea, the implementation, and the interaction. A book, then, or … Continue reading

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Nothing But Red Skies Do I See

I finally managed to get a copy of Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D by Grant Morrison, Doug Mahnke , Ray Zone and a million inkers late yesterday evening. I can only presume that the comic shops were trying to protect … Continue reading

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Promethea volume 5

The following post may be a bit patchy – I started it several days ago and am only getting round to finishing it now, and I’m not entirely coherent today. However, since I promised my adoring public, here you go. … Continue reading

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