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Explanation for Recent Absence

Just to let people know why posting has been intermittent at best here for… well, for a long time, really. I’ve made several allusions to health problems here, but this should give you an idea of what’s actually been going … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking of ways to boost the sales of my book of short stories, because I’m hoping to get a lot more fiction out over the next couple of years and that book’s not selling in huge numbers. One … Continue reading

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A quick note on comments, emails etc

Just so people are aware, I’m currently not particularly well, and when I’m not well I have to prioritise stuff according to how much or how little it stresses me. Writing actually relieves my stress, so expect me to be … Continue reading

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Doctor Who Post At Mindless Ones

I’ve written about An Unearthly Child over at the Mindless site, as part of a new series I’m doing for them covering one Who story per year for 1963 through 2012. I’ve written about this story before, of course, and … Continue reading

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Brief Update: Bad News (for me)/Good News (for people who like my blog)

Proper update later, but here’s a very rare personal post. Some of you may have noticed the lack of posting recently. It’s been because I’ve been working very hard for months, putting in a substantial amount of overtime, and I’ve … Continue reading

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