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Brief Update (Health and Otherwise)

As many of you will know, my health in the last few years has been… not great. I’ve had mental health problems to deal with, as well as physical ones, and between them they’ve made me completely non-functional. But those … Continue reading

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Question About The Forthcoming Kinks Book

EDIT – Please read this first, visitors from kindakinks.net For those of you who don’t know me, one of the many things I do is write critical essays, analysing the music of various bands, track-by-track. I post these essays to … Continue reading

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Getting Some Discipline Around Here

This blog has been becoming more chaotic recently, and I’ve started more and more projects that I haven’t finished. So I’m going to try to set myself an actual schedule, so I can complete some of these. So for at … Continue reading

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New Short Story Book: Ideas And Entities

I’ve just published my latest book, Ideas And Entities. This collects ten of the short stories I’ve posted here, some of which have already been made available as separate ebooks. As it’s relatively short (82 pages), the paperback version is … Continue reading

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Me On The Radio (Davy Jones)

I just recorded a rather stuttery interview with Alan Simpson for BBC Radio Ulster, about Davy Jones. I did about five or six minutes, and that will be broadcast, intercut with Monkees music (and hopefully with some of my repe- … Continue reading

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More Me At The Mindless ( @ThoughtbubbleUK recollections)

I’ve been quite ill for the last few days, hence the lack of proper updates, but I’ve contributed to another post at the Mindless Ones, this time Illogical Volume, The Beast Must Die and myself discuss what we did on … Continue reading

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Me At the Mindless Ones

I was one of the several members of the Faceless Mindless Collective who came up with questions for Marc Singer about his new book about Grant Morrison.

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