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Doctor Who Live

There have been several attempts to bring Doctor Who to the stage, some more successful than others, but all very typical of the time in which they were made. Curse Of The Daleks was a gripping base-under-siege story by Terry … Continue reading

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Doctor Who And Batman Week Day 3: Seven Quick CD Reviews

A few weeks back, the Daily Torygraph had a week of giveaways of Doctor Who CDs. I didn’t get them because I refuse to buy that wretched snotrag of a paper, but they have recently announced an offer to get … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Beast Below (Second Verse Same As The First…)

So to a large extent I could repeat last week’s post about the show as my review of this week’s. After two weeks, it now looks like MoffWho will be, more or less, a series of remakes of the Welsh … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Hour

A little under a week ago I sent in my entry for Big Finish’s short story competition – I’d written what I like to think is an excellent short story, where a brave, bright, but very little girl is scared … Continue reading

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Doctor Who should not be four years younger than me.

This is just a fact. Young Doctors don’t work. Davison was OK, but far better in the audios, when he’d got some gravitas. Tennant has been awful. The Doctor should be, *at a minimum* in his mid-forties, and ideally in … Continue reading

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