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How To Get Your Books On Sale

I’ve been talking with a few people recently about self-publishing, and some of them are vaguely confused about what you need to do in order to get a book out if you’ve written it and want to publish yourself, so … Continue reading

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One Week’s Notice – Withdrawing My Books From Smashwords

Just to give people a head’s up – a week from today I’ll be withdrawing my ebooks from smashwords.com , so anyone who has bought them but not yet downloaded a copy should make sure they have one. The reason … Continue reading

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Some Tips For Self-Publishers

Having self-published four ‘real’ books, plus a small ebook of short stories, I’ve figured out quite a few things that I think would be very helpful to any aspiring writers, so thought I’d share them with you all. Use LyX … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: Smoking Mirror

(Sorry if this is drivel – I’m not very well and having a great deal of difficulty writing coherent sentences. Pretty much every sentence here started out as “it’s like that thing, oh you know, the one with the thing”). … Continue reading

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Lulu Glitch and Third Book Question

For some reason, my author page on Lulu is only showing the hardback version of my Beatles book, not the paperback. Rest assured, for those who want to buy it, it is still available here. I’m working on getting the … Continue reading

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