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So Farewell Then, @timfarron

Today the Liberal Democrats announced their new President, Sal Brinton. She wasn’t my first preference, but I’m sure she’ll do a very good job — people who work in equalities stuff tell me that she’s extremely good on that, especially. … Continue reading

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Lost Causes

Last night, I found myself in tears, and thinking to myself “despite everything, I still believe in Liberalism, and I still believe that the Lib Dems are the best vehicle for it. I’m going to have to fight harder for … Continue reading

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Brief #ldconf notes

Brief conference notes (I’m not actually well enough to do a proper blog post yet): Good things: The Digital Bill Of Rights proposals from Tim Farron´╗┐ and Julian Huppert´╗┐ are the most sensible thing any party has ever said on … Continue reading

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The Lib/Lab Lie

One of the larger running themes in political journalism — and especially blogging — over the last few weeks has been that there are rumours of rapprochement between Labour and the Lib Dems — Clegg and Balls jokingly exchanging tweets, … Continue reading

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The Liberal Future: Not Left, Not Right, But Not Centre Either

(Continues from the introduction) Before I start explaining what Liberalism is, it’s probably a good idea to explain what it isn’t — why the Liberal Democrats are perceived very differently from the reality, and why some of what you think … Continue reading

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The Liberal Future: Introduction

As regular readers of my blog may know, I am a member of the Liberal Democrats. At the moment, saying that in public is scary — I’ve actually had death threats from people just because they disapprove of my membership … Continue reading

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Lordy Lordy Lordy

“If two monkeys want the same banana, in the end one will have it, and the other will cry morality. Who gets to form the committee to decide the rules that will be used to determine what is ‘fair’? Whoever … Continue reading

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