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Highlights of the Lib Dem Manifesto

I’ve had a look through the Lib Dem manifesto today, because of course I have. It’s long — something like three times as long as the larger parties’ — and full of detail (as someone — I’m afraid I can’t … Continue reading

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The Single Biggest Reason I’m Still A Lib Dem

I’ve never had any doubt that this election I will be campaigning for, and voting for, the Liberal Democrats, the same party I’ve voted for in every election since 1997 (except I think for a single council election about fifteen … Continue reading

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So Farewell Then, @timfarron

Today the Liberal Democrats announced their new President, Sal Brinton. She wasn’t my first preference, but I’m sure she’ll do a very good job — people who work in equalities stuff tell me that she’s extremely good on that, especially. … Continue reading

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Lost Causes

Last night, I found myself in tears, and thinking to myself “despite everything, I still believe in Liberalism, and I still believe that the Lib Dems are the best vehicle for it. I’m going to have to fight harder for … Continue reading

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Brief #ldconf notes

Brief conference notes (I’m not actually well enough to do a proper blog post yet): Good things: The Digital Bill Of Rights proposals from Tim Farron´╗┐ and Julian Huppert´╗┐ are the most sensible thing any party has ever said on … Continue reading

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