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Lib Dem Manifesto Analysis

So I just received an email pointing me to some PDFs containing visions of how the world could be, discussions of positive social justice, and some material on obscure voting systems. But enough of the Hugo Packet (I’m sorry, I’m … Continue reading

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On Populism And Core Votes

Before I start, a brief apology for not being around much the last few days. I’ve been wrangling home studio software to get some music done for Plok (very soon! I PROMISE!) and also getting some work done on the … Continue reading

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Is There A Lib Dem Recovery Happening?

It’s Lib Dem conference this week. I can’t be there this time, but as you’d imagine it’s not getting a huge amount of coverage in the media. We’ve been reduced from nearly sixty MPs to eight, and we’re fourth in … Continue reading

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Lib Dem Misconceptions: The Alliance Parties

This is number one of what may or may not be an occasional series of posts, about what people outside the party get completely wrong about the Lib Dems. In this case, I want to talk about the pat summary … Continue reading

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Political Journalists Really Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

When it comes to the Lib Dems, political journalists are utterly clueless, and this means that a lot of people have severe misunderstandings about the likely result of the election if there’s a hung parliament. I *keep* seeing two subjects … Continue reading

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