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Bigger On The Outside: The Book Of The War

(For those who haven’t been reading my blog before, or who’ve forgotten, I’ve been doing a series of posts (to be turned into a book, with luck) on Doctor Who spinoffery. Click the ‘bigger on the outside’ tag to read … Continue reading

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Faction Paradox: A Romance In Twelve Parts

The Faction Paradox series of books has been one of the most consistently good and interesting series I’ve ever read – certainly the best multi-author series, but it’s had a relatively troubled history. Starting out with a series of novels … Continue reading

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Toy Story The Doctor’s Wife

I’ve often half-seriously wondered if Steven Moffat has just decided to make this entire series of Doctor Who as an elaborate means of winding Lawrence Miles up. The riffs on Alien Bodies in the opening two-parter were blatant enough, but … Continue reading

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Eschatology & Escapology 4: Faction Paradox

A revised and improved version of this essay is in my book Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! – hardback, paperback, PDF Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), all other ebook formats “But there was war, even there. There was a war in Heaven. And … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Book Club 4: Dead Romance by Lawrence Miles

The more I read of Miles the more convinced I become that he is to science fiction novels what Grant Morrison is to comics. Miles is clearly influenced by Morrison, in much the same way the Morrison himself is influenced … Continue reading

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