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Lawrence Miles Interview Now Online

At panel borders. I’ve not listened to it myself yet, but hopefully it won’t be too embarrassing to me (Miles is great).

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Me on the radio tonight.

Tonight at 8PM on Resonance FM — Clear Spot:Novelising Doctor Who I did an interview with Lawrence Miles for this show, on at 8PM today. About ten minutes of the programme, starting at the half-hourish mark, is the interview segment. … Continue reading

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So What’s Faction Paradox Actually About?

This is less of an essay, more a stream of consciousness braindump that I’m going to type until I fall asleep on the keyboard. I’m too tired today to write my Mindless Ones piece, and certainly too tired to work … Continue reading

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Observation Of The Day Courtesy @LawrenceMiles

Alex Sarll on Facebook linked the infamous ‘last Doctor Who interview’ of Lawrence Miles (the one where he slags off everyone in the Doctor Who world except Jac Rayner, who he says is lovely and doesn’t have an enemy in … Continue reading

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On Sentient Universes, The Problem Of Evil, Grant Morrison, Doctor Who and other such stuff

Blame Philip Sandifer for this. I meant to write another short story today (I still might). I thought I’d said everything I had to say about Grant Morrison, and more, between my book on Seven Soldiers and Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!. … Continue reading

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