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A Short Rant About Immigration

POST DELETED This post was based on information in another post, which I have now discovered is misleading. This placeholder has been left in case anyone clicks a link to the post and wonders what’s going on.

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Charging Towards Fascism

About a month ago, I was at a party, and was introduced to a group of people I’d not met before, but who all knew each other, and who had very good reasons for wanting to make a good first … Continue reading

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“Open Door Policy”

Over the last few days, the leaders of all three main political parties have been competing to show who has the biggest dick by showing they can simultaneously bash poor people and foreigners, two groups of people who simply have … Continue reading

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URGENT: Contact Home Office To Prevent Brenda Namigadde being deported.

Brenda Namigadde is to be deported to Uganda tomorrow. From Chicken Yoghurt: The British Foreign Office advises visitors to Uganda that ‘homosexuality is illegal and social tolerance of it is low.’ David Kato could certainly confirm that. If he wasn’t … Continue reading

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But What Have The Immigrants Ever Done For Us?

I made the mistake, today, of agreeing with Stephen Glenn on Twitter about the stupidity of a particularly repellent piece of racist campaign literature by Racist UKIP. I say it was a mistake, because I then spent most of the … Continue reading

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