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Hugo Blogging: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

Or “Which episode of Doctor Who by Steven Moffat will win this year?” Of the six nominees in this category, four are Doctor Who or Doctor Who-related. This is simply ridiculous. Even as a Doctor Who fan (albeit not much … Continue reading

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Hugo Blogging: Best Novelette

My thoughts on the nominated novelettes: The Lady Astronaut Of Mars by Mary Robinette Kowal is a very touching story about lost possible futures, whether the futures we give up for others or the possible futures of science fiction that … Continue reading

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Hugo Blogging: Best Novella

Here we get to another of the controversies surrounding this year’s Hugos — the “Sad Puppy Slate”. Novelist Larry Correia put together and promoted a slate of works for this year’s award, which he promoted through his blog, and almost … Continue reading

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Hugo Blogging: The Short Stories

This is a difficult set of stories to review, as short stories can be spoiled in the way novels (at least good ones) really can’t – most consist of a single central idea or image, and without Of the four … Continue reading

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Hugo Blogging 2: Grandville, Feed, Blackout, Cryoburn

Continuing my reviews of this year’s Hugo entries. Remember, if you want to get a ton of SF ebooks for $50 and vote in the Hugos yourself, you can get the Hugo packet here. One point here – the four … Continue reading

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Hugo Blogging 1: Chicks Dig Time Lords

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to start reading more science fiction (especially as I’ve been *writing* more SF, and it’s a field that demands keeping up with what’s current). Other than Charles Stross, Greg Egan and … Continue reading

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