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An Addendum to the Last Post, on Fatphobia and Health

And one I meant to put into it, but as I said, I’m having cognitive problems. And now I think about it, it’s a separate point. I went to the doctor with my back pain a long time ago — … Continue reading

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Health Update

A few of you who’ve been around here for a few years will have noticed that I’ve not been able to blog as much over the last year or two as previously (shamefully I’ve even missed my Patreon target occasionally, … Continue reading

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How Do I Become An Effective Campaigner?

I used to be an extremely good, effective, political campaigner. Now I’m a liability. I want to change that. In 2010, during the General Election, I delivered so many leaflets that I amazed even several of the hardier campaigner — … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 13/07/10

The Doctor Who And Batman week continues tomorrow, now that my computer problems are over and my coursework done (it would have continued today but my wife is unwell and I’ve been looking after her). I hope tomorrow I’ll also … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 25/01/10

I’ve spent the last week working on PEP!-related stuff, but I’ve now sent the final text out to all contributors. All that remains is to get any last-minute changes from them, and get it typeset, so I can start posting … Continue reading

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