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Linkblogging for 25/08/09

I’m too tired today to write the next hyperpost, but the posts for the next few days are planned out in my head, and will probably be: Tomorrow – The Kingdom, and the storytelling possibilities of Hypertime Thursday – The … Continue reading

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Filming The Watchmen

Before my enforced absence from any form of communication, thanks to the inaptly named TalkTalk (I now have a phone line that crackles so badly I can’t hear the other end of the conversation, I can’t receive incoming calls, and … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 23/09/08

Just a quick one today, but hopefully I’ll have something longer for tomorrow: Chris Bird continues “Exploring Hollywood” with a look at how “My Best Friend’s Girl” must have been created. Fred Clark points out that giving someone $700 billion … Continue reading

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Adaptation and algorithmic complexity

Like everyone else who writes about comics, or even has ever heard the word comic in their life, I am obliged by law to have an opinion on the upcoming film version of Watchmen. (I’m not even going to consider … Continue reading

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