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Sherlock Holmes and the Cult Of Characterisation, Part 3 of ?

(Part 1, Part 2 — incidentally, Part 2 has a lot of excellent comments which I’ve not had a chance to reply to yet — I’m well enough to write or to reply to comments, but not really both. ) … Continue reading

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So Farewell Then, Page 3…

…or not. I’ve always been a little dubious about the No More Page 3 campaign. Not about its aims as such — I tend to agree that newspapers are not the right place for soft porn, although I would also … Continue reading

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Signal-boosting — Call For Female Writers From Obverse Books

I was about to post a short review of Lawrence Burton’s excellent Faction Paradox novel and Phil Purser-Hallard’s equally excellent Senor 105 novella (a post which will go up tomorrow or Monday instead), when I went to the Obverse Books … Continue reading

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A Piece Of Advice To My Fellow Men (warning – potentially triggering)

I have a very useful tip here, one that, it appears, many men haven’t come across yet. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to most of the people who read my blog, but I offer it up in case anyone’s confused. It’s … Continue reading

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Neonomicon 2: Someone Stage An Intervention For Alan Moore

I’m a little late to writing about Neonomicon 2 – and Jog and the Mindless Ones have said a lot of what needs to be said here. But I felt the need to put my oar in… Taken as part … Continue reading

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