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The Single Biggest Reason I’m Still A Lib Dem

I’ve never had any doubt that this election I will be campaigning for, and voting for, the Liberal Democrats, the same party I’ve voted for in every election since 1997 (except I think for a single council election about fifteen … Continue reading

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We Need STV, Not “PR”

(I hope the following is coherent — I’ve been sleep-deprived for much of the last week, and really don’t feel very good) We no longer live in anything that could be made to convincingly pose as a two-party system, even … Continue reading

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If Compulsory Voting Is The Answer, You’re Asking The Wrong Question

Last week’s election raised a lot of questions, including “should Nick Clegg resign?”, “should people calling for Nick Clegg to resign shut up?” and “why didn’t you vote for me? Is it because I smell?” (that last one mostly being … Continue reading

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AV: Why You Should Help The Campaign #yes2av

(Testing out queuing posts to post later here, let’s see if this works…I want to get this post up when I’m in work, so that when I get home I can do a different one) In April I was having … Continue reading

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One Delicious Thought…

My wife is a member of the Liberal Democrats. She’s also an immigrant, and was upset that she didn’t get to vote in this election. The rumour is that party members are going to get balloted on whatever deal has … Continue reading

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