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One Delicious Thought…

My wife is a member of the Liberal Democrats. She’s also an immigrant, and was upset that she didn’t get to vote in this election. The rumour is that party members are going to get balloted on whatever deal has … Continue reading

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Political Music Spotify Playlist

A quick post-election playlist for you… Common People by Pulp is from Different Class, the best political album of the 90s. This is the live version from Glastonbury in 1995 – a gig I was lucky enough to be at, … Continue reading

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So What Happened? View From The Ground

I can’t speak for what happened nationally, but I think my experiences on election day might be useful in determining what happened. Fundamentally, I think the Clegg surge *did* happen, but was drowned out by the larger turnout, and a … Continue reading

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And a message to Lib Dem supporters

Lib Dem Voice got slashdotted by Graham Linehan earlier today, so many won’t have seen this: On Saturday afternoon the party’s Federal Executive is meeting to discuss how the party should handle the Parliamentary situation. There’s no pre-set, universally supported … Continue reading

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Quick final message before the election

Got in only 1/2 an hour ago and have to be up in 4 hours to go out campaigning again, so an incredibly brief one today. When you go to the ballot box, just remember: Tories Section 28. Poll tax. … Continue reading

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