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On Maximum Wages and Inequality

In his recent burst of activity, UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has made several fairly controversial statements. Some I agree with him totally on (the crisis in the NHS due to underfunding), and others I disagree with him totally on … Continue reading

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Ecological Debt by Andrew Simms

I was recently sent a review copy of this book by the publishers, Pluto Press, and it has put me in rather a difficult position. I want to review the book here – that’s why I’ve got it, after all … Continue reading

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Hat And Beard 2 – Freedom

And so we move on to the second of today’s posts. This one, in honour of Honest Abe, will talk about freedom as I see it. The libertarian blogger Charlotte Gore left a comment yesterday on the heavily-edited version of … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 20/11/08

Been a quiet couple of days as far as interesting links go, really… Fred Clark argues that mass layoffs are a sin – can’t really disagree with him there… Firedoglake have a post about the probable nominee for Attorney General … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 01/11/08

When I said “I’ll try to get stuff written over the next couple of days” what I *should* have said is “My wife and I will spend the next week like the little weather people in the clock, each being … Continue reading

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