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Hugo Blogging: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

Or “Which episode of Doctor Who by Steven Moffat will win this year?” Of the six nominees in this category, four are Doctor Who or Doctor Who-related. This is simply ridiculous. Even as a Doctor Who fan (albeit not much … Continue reading

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Guest Post From @miketaylor

My friend Mike, who blogs at The Reinvigorated Programmer and Sauropod Vertebra Picture Of The Week, asked me if he could do a guest post. All opinions expressed below, especially those regarding the relative qualities of the new and old … Continue reading

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Me on the radio tonight.

Tonight at 8PM on Resonance FM — Clear Spot:Novelising Doctor Who I did an interview with Lawrence Miles for this show, on at 8PM today. About ten minutes of the programme, starting at the half-hourish mark, is the interview segment. … Continue reading

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Day Of The Doctor Linkblogging

I’ll be writing my own review on Mindless Ones at some point this week, but I spent the weekend at Thought Bubble and then had a blood pressure headache for two days, so it’ll be a little while yet. But … Continue reading

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Faction Paradox: Against Nature by Lawrence Burton

Full disclosure before I start this — I am friendly with the author and the publisher, and I also potentially have a book coming out from this publisher. I don’t think that this has biased my opinions in any way … Continue reading

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