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California Dreaming: Laurel & Hardy

Jan Berry was back from Dead Man’s Curve. At least, he was part of the way back. Jan was, if not an actual psychopath (a diagnosis it would be improper to give without knowing him personally, but which is not … Continue reading

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Me On The Radio (Davy Jones)

I just recorded a rather stuttery interview with Alan Simpson for BBC Radio Ulster, about Davy Jones. I did about five or six minutes, and that will be broadcast, intercut with Monkees music (and hopefully with some of my repe- … Continue reading

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RIP Davy Jones

Some people have said that in my book on the Monkees I’m a little harsh on Davy Jones. It’s entirely possible that I am. But even so, he was capable of some great music, like this: The thing is, Jones … Continue reading

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Review: Monkee Business by Eric Lefcowitz

Rather surprisingly for such a hugely successful band, there are very few actual books on the Monkees. Other than annuals and fan cash-ins from the 60s, some ebooks that appear to be just articles culled from Wikipedia, some self-published fan-fiction … Continue reading

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Monkee Music: The Monkees Present

A revised and improved version of this essay appears in my book Monkee Music, available as paperback, hardback, PDF, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK) and ePub (all DRM-free). The last Monkees album to feature Nesmith until the 1990s, and to all … Continue reading

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