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Publishers Hate Money, Clearly

I quite want to read Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow’s new book, The Rapture Of The Nerds. I’m not hugely interested — I like some of Stross’ work a lot (basically the Laundry series and the near-future-Edinburgh police procedurals, all … Continue reading

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Recycled Vinyl Blues

Just one of those things you think about, and want to get it out somewhere… did you know that the current ever-more-restrictive copyright laws can be traced back to the Yom Kippur War? Let me explain: In 1973, as a … Continue reading

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Brian Wilson’s New Album – Why People Turn To ‘Piracy’

Before I start, for those expecting PEP! today, I’m afraid I was so overwhelmed with fielding the response for my last post I’ve had to leave it til this weekend. That’ll teach you to actually read and like things I … Continue reading

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My Letter to Lords Razzal and Clement-Jones #debill

Written because I get just as angry when Lib Dems act in illiberal and undemocratic ways as when anyone else does… I am writing, as a longtime member of the Liberal Democrats (and someone whose wife is employed by the … Continue reading

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Copyright, Copywrong and Copyleft Part 2 – “Let The Artist Decide?”

I’ve got several other posts planned out – one on Darkseid, one on the Beatles, a new playlist, and so forth, but I’ve spent most of today reading the new Pratchett (not a masterpiece like Nation, but solidly entertaining and … Continue reading

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