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If What The Guardian Says Is True…

http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/may/11/general-election-2010-live-blog Then it looks like the new coalition government will essentially be adopting the Lib Dem manifesto in almost its entirety. I don’t like the Tory welfare ‘reforms’ one bit, and will campaign against them. Likewise I think immigration caps … Continue reading

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So What Happened? View From The Ground

I can’t speak for what happened nationally, but I think my experiences on election day might be useful in determining what happened. Fundamentally, I think the Clegg surge *did* happen, but was drowned out by the larger turnout, and a … Continue reading

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A Quick Explanation For Americans And Other Confused Persons

Batman posts have to hold off a few days I’m afraid… The one-line summary for Americans is that we’re reliving Bush vs Gore, and Ralph Nader has been asked to choose. In the election this week, no party got an … Continue reading

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And a message to Lib Dem supporters

Lib Dem Voice got slashdotted by Graham Linehan earlier today, so many won’t have seen this: On Saturday afternoon the party’s Federal Executive is meeting to discuss how the party should handle the Parliamentary situation. There’s no pre-set, universally supported … Continue reading

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Quick final message before the election

Got in only 1/2 an hour ago and have to be up in 4 hours to go out campaigning again, so an incredibly brief one today. When you go to the ballot box, just remember: Tories Section 28. Poll tax. … Continue reading

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