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So What’s This Apple Thing All About Then?

Apple have hit the news today for refusing to comply with an order from the FBI to produce a modified version of iOS, the operating system that runs on iPhones and iPads. A lot of nonsense has been talked about … Continue reading

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Geeks Dig Metaphors: The Technical Problems With The Singularity

Back to introduction I have come to the conclusion that anyone who talks about how easy it’s going to be to simulate a human brain in a computer either understands computers but doesn’t understand biology, or doesn’t understand computers but … Continue reading

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RIP Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom

A few years ago, my friend Tilt and I were, for reasons we shall not go into right now, watching an old episode of The Wheeltappers And Shunter’s Social Club, when Freddie Garrity of Freddie & The Dreamers came on. … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day: Emily Short

Ada Lovelace day is “an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.” by blogging about a woman in technology. Unfortunately, it’s also a day when I’m getting over a bad case of the … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 19/10/09

I’m actually in the middle of writing my Kirby & Darkseid piece, but a few things which I thought deserved linking: Jennie writes more about where all the female bloggers are… good discussion in the comments, too. Millennium writes about … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 28/09/09

Sorry there’s no real content here for the last few days… I’m utterly, utterly exhausted by work stuff at the moment. I’ve started three posts (one on Darkseid, one on Big Finish, and a playlist) but not had anything like … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 10/08/09

I’m going to link to a few things here, but the only one I really care about is this – Andrew Rilstone’s new pdf ‘zine, with which he’s broken his five-month blog silence. I’ve only read the first quarter, but … Continue reading

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