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RIP George Martin

We knew it would come sooner or later, of course — he was ninety years old, and given the horrible tendency of those associated with the Beatles to die prematurely we were *very* lucky he was with us for as … Continue reading

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RIP Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom

A few years ago, my friend Tilt and I were, for reasons we shall not go into right now, watching an old episode of The Wheeltappers And Shunter’s Social Club, when Freddie Garrity of Freddie & The Dreamers came on. … Continue reading

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Hitler Moustache

Richard Herring is probably my favourite comedian of the moment. He has his flaws – a glibly Dawkinsite attitude to religion (which is at least excusable in a comedian, who has to take an extreme position to be funny) and … Continue reading

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Guide To My Blogroll – The Home Stretch

And so we’re on to the last chunk of my guide to my blogroll. Remember, as always, just because I leave something out doesn’t mean I’m not reading it or it’s not good – there are at least 50 other … Continue reading

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A Guide To My Blogroll Part 2 – L – M

Again, as I said before, but for those just coming in, who I link in my blogroll on the right is very much an arbitrary thing – everything linked there is something I think is good, but not everything I … Continue reading

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