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Why I’m Not Discussing Politics Much Right Now

Posted this to Facebook, but then thought it might as well go here too. I’m having a lot of difficulty in discussing politics at the moment. The problem is that so often debate is polarised between two false alternatives, and … Continue reading

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Sixteen Good Things The Lib Dems Have Achieved

With the Welfare Reform Bill being debated in Parliament at the moment, a lot of good Liberals are once again worrying about to what extent they can carry on supporting the party. Some of the provisions in the bill are … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To The Labour Party

I am a left-winger. I went to an anti-poll tax protest, by myself, when I was (I think) eight (I had to go home early because it went past my bedtime). I think that the two greatest governments of the … Continue reading

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The Coalition Three Months On

For those of you wondering why I’ve not done many ‘fandom’ type posts recently, it’s because I’ve had no money, so was unable to pick up my comics for a few weeks, or to replace my broken DVD player. Payday … Continue reading

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Too furious to blog about what I was going to, anyway. Two things have made me annoyed – one that matters, in the grand scheme of things, and one that doesn’t. The one that matters is that the coalition government … Continue reading

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Coalition: Lengthening The Spoon

I’ve noticed a rather worrying trend at the moment for Liberal Democrats to treat the Tories as our friends, since we went into coalition with them. People praising Cameron’s performance at Prime Minister’s Questions and so on. Some are even … Continue reading

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If What The Guardian Says Is True…

http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/may/11/general-election-2010-live-blog Then it looks like the new coalition government will essentially be adopting the Lib Dem manifesto in almost its entirety. I don’t like the Tory welfare ‘reforms’ one bit, and will campaign against them. Likewise I think immigration caps … Continue reading

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