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Classism (and Sexism, and Ableism) Kills

I’ve not been able to post here much in the last few weeks, because it’s been one of those times when multiple different causes of stress all rear up simultaneously. Of those, by far the worst was my maternal grandmother … Continue reading

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Yet Another Rant About Class From Me

Because you’ve not had enough of those, recently, right? We’ve been hearing a lot from the right wing of the Labour party recently about how “we must listen to the legitimate concerns of the white working class”, and so on. … Continue reading

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A Brief Thought On Class, and Critical Reaction to Jerusalem

I’m going to be posting a proper review of Jerusalem on Mindless Ones tomorrow, when I’ve had time to finish thinking about it, but my review will probably not be touching on one of the main issues of the book, … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 12/11/08

BFAW tonight. For some reason I’ve been permanently exhausted for the last fortnight, and writing is much harder than it normally is. Bear with me – this will pass. Fred at Slacktivist has a good post on usury. Personally, I … Continue reading

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