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Melmoth (hyperpost 2)

A revised and improved version of this essay is in my book Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! – hardback, paperback, PDF Kindle (US), Kindle (UK), all other ebook formats Biography lends to death a new terror – Oscar Wilde Melmoth, the sixth … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide To Comics

A colleague at work was asking me the other day about comics – he was interested in the form, but hadn’t really read anything except Watchmen (with which he’d not been vastly impressed, which makes sense for someone who’d not … Continue reading

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A quick Cerebus link

I’ll be continuing my Cerebus posts sometime soon (tonight or tomorrow) but before I do, I thought everyone should go and read/re-read Andrew Rilstone’s look at the last issue ,which says a lot of things I want to say myself. … Continue reading

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Why An Aardvark?

I would really appreciate feedback, especially from my politically-aware female readers, for this and the next few Cerebus posts, even if you don’t know anything about Cerebus. I am very aware of my white male privilege, and I am talking … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 17/01/09

I’m still far busier than I expected this week, so I’m still behind on my email correspondence – apologies to those who’ve emailed me recently. Anyway, in lieu of a longer post, here’s some links: Debi writes about Thomas Hariot … Continue reading

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