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On Brett Easton Ellis, “SJWs” and Power Imbalances

Before I start this, a brief acknowledgement that I am contributing to an Internet storm in a teacup, and that this is not, in general, a wise thing to do. I am writing here about a clickbaity piece that attacks … Continue reading

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Thanks, “The Kernel”

Because a tech news site has decided to whip up a moral panic over porn, all self-published ebooks have been removed from the Kobo site, all ebooks whatsoever have been removed from W.H. Smith’s site… Many thousands of “innocent” people … Continue reading

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Fifty Ways To Beat The Censor

Ed Vaizey has announced plans for UK ISPs to block porn sites, with them being unblocked only for those who get themselves put on an ‘opt-in’ list. This is apparently to protect children. Now, I’m no fan of porn or … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 07/12/08

Those of you who use GNU/Linux might be interested in instalinux.com, a site that lets you roll your own distro using just point-and-click, based on several popular distros. Looks like it’ll be very handy for creating ISO images of custom … Continue reading

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