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Tales Of The City

(ob. disclaimer — I know both the editor and publisher of this book online, in a “friendly on Facebook/Twitter” kind of way. However, I got to know them because I like their books, so don’t think this is biased by … Continue reading

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Tor Recommendations?

So, since payday was a couple of days ago, I now plan to live up to my promise and buy some books from Tor in recognition of their move to selling their ebooks DRM-free. Firstly, can anyone recommend a good … Continue reading

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Question About The Forthcoming Kinks Book

EDIT – Please read this first, visitors from kindakinks.net For those of you who don’t know me, one of the many things I do is write critical essays, analysing the music of various bands, track-by-track. I post these essays to … Continue reading

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Why We Still Need Publishers

There’s a big storm at the moment over the US Department of Justice going after several of the biggest publishers for alleged price-fixing of ebooks, which they allegedly did in order to prevent Amazon having a monopoly on book sales. … Continue reading

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Shada, by Gareth Roberts and Douglas Adams

(Continuing my policy of reviewing every new book I buy and read, I’m crossposting this to Amazon UK) It’s difficult to know how much information to give in a review of Shada, the latest in the BBC’s line of Doctor … Continue reading

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Writing Plans For The Coming Year

This is partly here so people know what will be coming up on this blog, but mostly so I have an aide memoire I can refer to myself. These are the projects I’m working on at the moment or planning … Continue reading

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On Ebook Pricing And Promotion

This post will really only be of interest to other people who self-publish or plan to. The rest of you can ignore it. It’s a little addendum to the post I made last week. There is nothing more likely to … Continue reading

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